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A Note About Food Supplies, Internet Access, and Cell Phones

Due to the remoteness of the Paradox Valley, we would like to mention that the Bedrock Store, located six miles from the inn, is the closest available grocery shop. It offers limited food items (comparable to a convenience store) as well as liquor.

The largest family market is in Naturita, a distance of 25 miles from the inn. We suggest if fresh items such as milk, eggs, bread, meats, fresh fruit, and vegetables are desired for breakfasts or other meals, they are purchased on the way to the Inn.

There is wireless availability for guests with laptops only in the outside veranda reception area at the office. The wireless router is in the solarium of the office and is not powerful enough to reach Lago Vista, Arroyo, or Escondido. It does, however, reach Casita and the office parking area, which allows internet access while in one's car or the area nearby.

There is generally no cell phone reception in the valley (Sprint is available). Otherwise, the closest available reception is in Naturita, to the east of Moab, to the west.